About Orthopaedic Associates of the Lakelands
at Self Regional Healthcare in Greenwood, South Carolina

Orthopaedic Associates of the Lakelandsone of the largest orthopedic groups in the Southwestern region of South Carolina.

The group includes a team of board-certified orthopedic surgeons who specialize in the treatment of sports medicine problems; knee pain; hip pain; shoulder pain; arm pain; elbow pain; pain in the wristi and hand (carpal tunnel); and all foot and ankle pain problems.

For patients who suffer from extreme arthritis and painful joints that restrict movement, the orthopedic surgeons perform hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement to help patients back to full activity and their favorite sport.

The orthopedic surgeons collaborate closely with a patient’s primary care physician, especially after any surgical procedure.

  • Trauma Management
  • Sports Medicine
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Arm & Hand Surgery
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Foot & Ankle Reconstruction

The “Lakelands Region” refers to the region around Greenwood, South Carolina located near Lake Greenwood, SC. The region includes about 7 surrounding counties across the western region of South Carolina.

Orthopaedic Associates of the Lakelands has a main office in a freestanding clinic building in Greenwood, SC, and operates satellites office in Abberville, Saluda, Edgefield, Laurens and McCormick, SC located just north of Augusta, GA and Athens, SC.

Within this educational web site, there are home remedies for knee pain, home remedies for hip pain, home remedies for shoulder pain and other foot/ankle and arm/hand problems.

This site has a knee pain symptom chart that shows what may be causing knee pain and when to see a physician.

Visitors to this web site can also download a Joint Pain Handbook. The handbook outlines what causes joint pain symptoms, provide non-surgical treatment options that can be explored, and when joint replacement might be considered.

The best way to determine what is causing knee pain, hip pain or other joint problems is to visit with one of our orthopedic specialists. Your visit may include X-ray or MRI diagnostics of the joint.

The good news is that artificial hip, knee and shoulder technology has progressed greatly to help most people to return to an active life.

Orthopaedic Associates of the Lakelands is an orthopedic group that provides orthopedic care for residents of a 7-county area known as “The Lakelands” in the northwest area of South Carolina around Greenwood, SC stretching east to Lake Greenwood. The team of orthopedic surgeons at Orthopaedic Associates of the Lakelandsincludes knee, hip and shoulder specialists who use the Mako Robotic System for bone-sparing during artificial joint replacement surgery. The orthopedic surgeons provide knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery and shoulder replacement surgery, including "reverse shoulder replacement surgery”. For hip replacement surgery, the orthopedic surgeons can provide minimally invasive hip replacement to shorten the recovery time and speed return to activity after hip replacement surgery. The orthopedic surgeons who specialize in upper extremity problems address hand pain symptoms (including carpal tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel surgery); elbow pain symptoms (including tennis elbow and golfers elbow); and shoulder pain symptoms, including rotator cuff injury. The orthopedic surgeons who specialize in lower extremity problems can provide nonsurgical treatment options, along with surgery that relieves foot and ankle joint pain and knee pain. Minimally invasive knee surgery can include arthroscopic surgery to treat ligament stain and meniscus tears. For chronic knee pain, the knee specialists at Lakelands Orthopedics provide knee replacement surgery that can enable a person recover from chronic knee joint pain to return to their favorite recreational activity. The hip joint specialists can provide nonsurgical treatment options for relief of hip pain, and if necessary hip replacement surgery using the advanced Mako Robotic System that spares bone during hip joint surgery. The physical therapy team at Orthopaedic Associates of the Lakelandsprovides home remedies for knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, hand pain and foot pain, along with post-surgery therapy to strengthen joints after surgery. If you’ve been diagnosed with hip, knee or shoulder problems, the orthopedic surgeons at Lakelands Orthopedics can provide a second opinion for knee replacement, hip replacement or shoulder replacement.

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