About Our Oasis, 1.2T MRI

Our friendly, professional staff is expertly trained in the administration of the latest in MRI technology, providing the highest quality imaging resolution. Our Oasis Open MRI allows us to reduce typical scan time.

Our Oasis, 1.2T, is the most powerful whole body Open MRI magnet available and provides ultimate patient comfort and maximum image quality.

To ensure your experience with us is as pleasant as possible, a qualified technologist will offer you headphones to listen to music during the exam. In addition, the technologist will stay in touch with you throughout the procedure via a two-way intercom system. So you'll always have a sense of assurance and control. Patients are welcome to have a family member or friend stay in the room while they are having their scan.

This system provides consistently reliable, high image quality scanning of the hand, wrist, elbow, foot, ankle and knee. Patients will benefit from a totally nonclaustrophobic, quiet, quick, comfortable and convenient experience. Patients will be able to have family members in the room just like the Oasis Open MRI unit.

The unit is small and completely open. The only parts of the body that need to enter the magnet are the parts needing to be imaged. Instead of laying on a gurney, they are positioned in an ergonomically designed, movable chair.

For your convenience, MRI Services is available for appointments Monday-Friday. To make an appointment, call 864-229-2663. We have expanded business hours to make it easy to schedule a time that fits your needs.